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Celebrating Mother Earth!

Today is Earth Day. It began in America in 1970 as a means to heighten awareness about environmental issues and encourage reform. It’s now grown into a global observance.  In fact, Denis Hayes, the first organizer, has said it’s “the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year,” in more than 192 countries. Which is a good thing.With the world population approaching nine billion it’s more important than ever to consider the footprint we leave on our planet. What are some of the actions you’ll take to celebrate Mother Earth?  
Here are a few of my favorites:
Experience the mystery and magic of nature:
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imageImage courtesy of Pasadena Magazine

Take a walk, smell the blossoming trees and flowers, listen to the birds or perhaps the rushing water of a river, feel the earth beneath your feet.  Be grateful that we have the privilege to experience such beauty.


Think about positive ways to make a difference, such as join or support environmental organizations like Oceana who work tirelessly to save the oceans and feed the world.


Refrain from single use plastic. 

Vote with your fork.  Support a local farmer who can bring you nutritious organic food while also nourishing our depleted topsoil.

Celebrate Earth’s bounty and remember to make choices that can help nurture her.
Image courtesy of Journalism of Courage
Photography by Adam Allegro

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On Tuesday April 8th Oceana had its annual event honoring Michael Bloomberg and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ commitment to saving the oceans and feeding the world.

My husband David and I co-hosted the event with Ted Danson and Mary Steenbergen along with Oceana’s Board of Directors in the dazzling Four Seasons Restaurant.

Oceana raised over $900,000 and had the privilege of hearing a song that Mary wrote for her husband Ted. The room swooned with their love for each other as well as the inhabitants of the earth and ocean. The evening ended with a hymn composed and played by pianist Kim Oler and accompanied by Daria Credle.

“More than ever the oceans are a source of income and food for people around the world. So when ocean life is threatened, human life is threatened, and we can’t let that happen,” Danson told the audience.

I couldn’t agree more.

Patrick McMullan Photography